Claudio Coccoluto

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Claudio Coccoluto

Claudio Coccoluto is 34 years old, he has two children and he started to be a Dj for hobby when he was 13. His first experience was at the Seven Up in Formia in 1980. He started to be a professional Dj in 1985 when he stopped studying and sent his other programs packing. We are talking about the period of the Hysteria when he played with Marco Trani. Now he works all over the world and travelling three times across Europe in as many days is just routine.

The Pussy Galores nights at the LeCinema in Milan, must certainly be mention among his meaning experiences. The period was that of the first one nights in 1990. Then the first raves at the end of 1989, the Peter Pan in Misano, the Ecu in Rimini, the Zen in Sperlonga and later the period in Naples with Angels of Love, the London and N.Y. clubs such as the Sound Factory in N.Y. (Claudio is the only one Italian Dj that played in). Now he is at the Queen in Paris and at the Mazoom in Italy .

Although the dance scene in Italy is in a healthy state Claudio pinpoints the differences in attitude between the UK music producers and those in Italy, "At home the producers and club promoters treat the music as a commodity and not a culture. Underground music was born as an avant-garde instance, not for business. Playing in the UK always excites me and gives me new ideas to work on when I'm back in Italy. In my opinion underground is a way of thinking music out of business: underground music doesn' t belong to the musical industry. Dj's mission is to mediate between what people would listen and what industry would suggest. Dj plays the important and difficult part to be as a filter, he must get cultural music level to rise and keep the consumerism at bay. In my opinion tendency is this: it' s the new, the experimentation".

Besides establishing his mark as an internationally respected DJ his remixing skills are sought by label managers and individual artists worldwide. The Cocco magic can be appreciated on mixes for Black Box, Drum Club, Joey Negro, through to Kathy Brown and Dana Dawson to name but too few.

As music producer, his last hit, Belo Horizonti - The Heartists, has been playing in the best clubs all over the world.


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