Little Louie Vega

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Little Louie Vega

Luis Fernando Vager, also known as "Little" Louie Vega, was one half of the Masters At Work musical production team. He was born to a musician family, as his father, Luis Vager, was a jazz saxophonist, and his uncle was singer Hector Lavoe of the Fania All Stars, so it was without surprise that he started his DJ career spinning records at the age of 13.

By 1985, he was playing house and block parties in his local Bronx neighborhood of New York. His first nightclub residency was at the Devil’s Nest, in the Bronx, and later he moved to Roseland, Studio 54 and the Palladium in Manhattan. During the 1990s, Louie was playing at one of the most influential nightclubs for house music, The Sound Factory bar. By the mid-90s, the Masters At Work team had Louie spending less time behind the turtables and more time in the studio as the team's remixing skills became legendary.

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Goa, Rome, november 19th 2005 - Little Louie Vega

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